Redefining Fitness from the Inside Out


Our Mission

Kraken Athletics provides quality training, education and encouragement by designing specific programs for individuals of all fitness levels to improve their health and athletic performance.

Our Why

We are tired of seeing the fitness industry and individuals create poorly made, cookie cutter programs that are not designed for your needs, only designed to make money.

Your Why

Are you tired of going to the gym and not knowing what to do?  How about going to the gym, putting in the time and work and not seeing results?  Are you looking for accountability;  for a connection with a fitness professional; for a program that is affordable and effective for YOU?


Creating a Balanced Athlete

By definition an athlete is a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.  While this may conjure up the image of a professional athlete, Hollywood super hero, an Olympic gold medalist or even your local marathon winner., we are all by definition athletes; competitors in our every day lives.

Whether your goal is a 5K, building strength, improving your cardio output or simply doing more and better than you did yesterday, Kraken Athletics has the  program for you.  Start somewhere, start here!


Our programs don't work unless you put in the work.  We know change is hard but it can only start with you.  How do you perceive yourself?  What thoughts go through your head each day?  What do you consider hard?  What obstacles do you have in your life that prevent you from achieving your fitness goals or even getting started?  At Kraken we can provide you with tips, inspiration and motivation to keep your mindset positive but we can't do the work for you.  Only you can be consistent and follow the map we provide.  Will you make the journey?


We are not nutrition experts.   Every body is different.  Every goal requires a different amount of caloric intake and percentage of macros.  Other programs will promise you a 6 week shred if you follow a prescribed diet.  You may lose weight but at a long term cost to your health and muscle mass? At Kraken we won't provide or prescribe a nutrition program, rather tips because ultimately what you eat is up to you. What we will do is provide you with suggestions and guidance to achieve your nutrition goals but the exact choices you make and how hard you are willing to work is up to you.


Whether you are just getting started or looking to take your fitness  to the next level we have a plan for you.  We offer programming  on Olympic lifting, building strength, improving cardio endurance and building individual muscle groups.  Each program provides the structure to reach a specific goal but will be modified and tailored for you individually through regular communication with Kraken Athletics.