Client results & Testimonials

Lalith P.


 I wanted to feel and look my best. I hadn't worked out regularly and didn't eat good, but found that I need accountability and guidance.     I signed up to train with Ross. We had SUCH an incredible time together. I met with him twice a week throughout the year to work out, weigh in, and check in on my progress. It was so helpful to have him guiding me through the workouts and pushing me harder than I ever would on my own. Not only were the workouts incredibly challenging and rewarding physically, they also gave me the confidence and mental boost I needed to overcome self-doubt. I’m loving the results and haven’t looked or felt this great in a long time! I would strongly recommend others to look into training with Ross. It’s cost effective for personal training. I didn't really have the time, desire or energy to cook or meal prep, but Ross made sure I  prepped  all of my meals, which were all so great and easy! I now have my favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner handy. Ross  also talked about supplements and what would be best for me and my particular goals. We actually talked about each one in detail and he made recommendations. I ended up getting a good multi-vitamin, fish oil, BCAAs and protein powder that I wouldn’t go a day without now! I appreciated having someone I was comfortable with to talk to about all of this. I’m grateful to have worked with Ross. I think everyone should go through Ross at some point.  It was great to experience Kraken Athletics and Coach Ross.

Natalia T.


 I remember a time Beth was just someone I would see at the gym. Although I admired her work ethic and determination, I never thought I could achieve the same for myself. But after working with Beth for a few short months I saw my body transform before my eyes! And even more so there was an undeniable change mentally. I can never thank her enough for how much she has helped me gain confidence, happiness, and control of my anxiety. Even though she is now on the other side of the country thank goodness I can carry her plans around with me! I’m so excited to see where Kraken Athletics is going to take me.

Eliza A.


 Beth was my personal trainer for more than two years. She is an amazing person.  She is super friendly and always ready to help me meet my goals. She knew how to push me so that I always gave 100%  Beth also helped to build up my self esteem. I feel great today about myself because of her.  She is the best personal trainer I ever had. I would highly recommend Kraken Fitness.

Edna P.


 I have been training with Beth for 3 months, 4 times a week. My goal was to gain strength and build muscle. Beth has the experience and knowledge that has helped me achieve my goals. She keeps me motivated and focused throughout my workouts. Beth is great at changing up our routine to make them challenging enough for me. In this short amount of time I already see a significant change in my body.   I have worked with other trainers in the past but never seemed to connect with one like I have with Beth. She not only is there to train you, she also teaches you form and explains the importance of form while lifting weights. Thanks to her I can finally see muscle where I never thought I would.  Yay Kraken Athletics coach Beth.

Jackie B.


 Working with Kraken Athletics has helped me to over come some insecurities I had about my physical health and well-being. I have had a few injuries to my joints and back over the years which have made working out harder and harder as time has gone by. Putting on weight hasn’t helped either, so I teamed up with Ross and Beth to try to optimize my work out plans, as well as meal plans. I’ve never been one for strict work out, or meal schedules, as I know I won’t stick with either for long, and they were able to cater to my specific requests and needs. They helped me to find what works best for me, my body, and to better my abilities to be healthier